Master a Foreign Language With Your AI Tutor

Go from intermediate to advanced cheaper and faster with AI-guided video lessons.

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Why Voz?

Improve your speaking

Your AI tutor will help you improve your speaking skills by chatting about the videos.

Improve your listening

Listen to native speakers and improve your listening skills.

Immersion learning

Immersion learning is more powerful than traditional learning methods. Check out the research

Cheaper and faster

Cheaper than tutors and classes. Faster than other apps and books.

How Voz Works

1. Watch real-world videos

Watch real-world videos and absorb the content. Slow it down, or get translations/grammar explanations if you're having trouble understanding.

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2. Discuss with your AI tutor

Your AI tutor will stop the video and make sure you understand each section. You'll get a chance to respond and ask questions.

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3. Get help & feedback

Get help from your AI tutor with any vocab, grammar or general language questions you might have.

You can also use our grammar feedback feature to get feedback as you go.

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4. Review (coming soon)

Review words or sentences you had trouble with with our spaced-repetition (SRS) flashcards. Or export to Anki instead.

Review SRS and Anki

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